Spontaneous Chocolate Tour: Ganache Chocolate

Ganache Chocolate is less a chocolate shop and more a cafe — which is the case for a couple of our stops. Stepping inside their Collins Street store is just… it is an experience that cannot be described.

I recall a chocolate shoe made the rounds on social media a few years ago, utterly flabbergasting users about its existence. Well, Ganache Chocolate have not one, but many chocolate shoes for you to purchase. They cost roughly $30AUD according to their website, but do check in store before taking my word on that.

Upon further inspection, I discovered Ganache Chocolate doesn’t appear to make its current line-up of packaged products in-store. Instead, these appear to be the work of Selene’s Chocolate Bar.

In October 2018, the ownership and leadership structure of Ganache Chocolate changed when the business merged with Selene’s Chocolate. Since then we have been undertaking the process of joining business forces and rebranding.

Ganache Chocolate

I’m not certain if this means Selene’s Chocolate Bar has since closed for a Ganache take-over. It’s website appears to still be functional, and as evidenced in Ganache Chocolate, their brand is still active. They’re one of the youngest chocolatiers in Melbourne, established in 2007.

As of January 14, Ganache has put all their Christmas stock down by 40%. They all look so expertly crafted that I’m not surprised they’re struggling to move the chocolate: they all look to artisian to eat. I’d feel too guilty.

Despite the limited choices available, my brother and I bumbled around the small catalogue of chocolates for a while, trying to decide what we wanted out of this store. There might have been few options, but all were so inherently unique that it was hard for us to go from the classic, basic chocolate library of Haigh’s to this artistic, colourful palette of Ganache.

Ultimately, we made basic choices: a triple chocolate star from the Christmas stock and a graffiti bar.

With the star on sale, these picks cost $19.

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