Born in central Victoria, Deanna has been writing for her own entertainment for over a decade. The dream began through fanfiction and participating in an ongoing PBEM Star Trek role-play game. The ultimate goal was to (eventually) write for Star Trek. While she still dreams about discovering strange new worlds through fiction, Deanna’s experience has moved on quite confidently to tell the stories of other, real, people. Herself included.

Deanna’s keyboard is usually used to provide insight into and analysis of fiction franchises as a consumer, to compose stories about that time she and her brother scored a bargain at their local ALDI, and make light of the difficult ventures of online university studies. An experienced creative non-fiction writer, Deanna Troy has been published in anthologies Painted Words 2019 & 2021. She released her first self-published book Please Insert Disc: Demo Edition in late 2019.

As a musician, life’s a little different. Deanna began performing at age 7 and has won several music awards throughout her education. She finally began releasing original music in 2022 during the throes of COVID isolation. Her album, Uninmaginable You, releases in 2023.

Deanna shares her home with two cats, two dogs, six horses, too many birds, three adults, and a Google Home that’s slowly developing an attitude.