Dear Kirsten Beyer

I feel like I’m being slapped in the face, and to stay positive for the franchise, I’m meant to just take it and keep watching. I don’t want to do that anymore.

“Rise of Skywalker” proves ensemble films are best when well-established franchise characters stick together.

The overly ambitious nature of The Last Jedi’s attempt to group three near-independent plotlines was only successful in its knotting together at the end. The Rise of Skywalker takes a more basic approach: one plotline at a time, with everyone back together again. And it makes for a significantly more enjoyable experience, because audiences like it when their favourite characters work amicably together.

Victim of the Liberal government: the arts

The arts are under attack again. Government officials are adamant that no change to funding or commitment to the arts will occur. But this is the same group that, according to Richard Watts, “failed to release a detailed arts policy in the lead-up to the 2019 Federal election; nor did they present an arts policy at the two Federal elections prior.” How coincidental these changes seemingly spark only at the end of the year, as students leave their secondary colleges or TAFE ready to head to university or vocational education and join the workforce.

Future of E3 audience interruptions is problematic.

Having the person next to you screaming or cheering in the middle of a conference for no reason can prove to be quite the irritation. Imagine what that will be like three, four years down the line after game studios have awarded the loudest audience members. Quite the disheartening experience for any audience member.