I need a favour.

Hi. It’s me, Deanna Troy: resident Star Trek critic, PlayStation fanboy, pro-easy-difficulty gamer, and musician.

I have a favour I need to ask of you: I need you to follow all my social media accounts.

My album, Unimaginable You releases late April. And for it to make a dent anywhere, even with the potential of its mediocrity, it needs attention. I need my WordPress audience — of which there is a surprising amount of you — to assist with the signal-boosting.

Where is your music?

Where can I follow you?

Every follow helps.

I’m fully aware I’m just starting out on the music front. I want to make an impact. I want my music to be heard. I want others to see how proud I am of my own works, how each release marks improvement.

I want you on that journey with me.

Above all else, thanks for the assist. It truly does mean a lot.

Listen to Follow me on socials please by Deanna Troy on SoundCloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/VGw3J

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