An Isolated Holiday Alone In My Room releases tomorrow.

I’m proud to announce and promote my first EP. It’s a mild celebration of my contracting COVID while stuck in my room — an EP of 5 songs:

  1. COVID for Christmas
  2. Thoughts
  3. Dear Mr Claus
  4. Feel the love this Christmas time
  5. BONUS: Christmas Hospitality Lament

It’s releasing on most, if not all, streaming platforms on December 23. A merry holiday present from yours truly!

This all came about when I took a narrow-eyed look at my Samson Meteor and thought, “it’s got a good enough quality that I should be able to record stuff with it…”

And I had been. I’d dabbled in recording covers throughout the year. My favourite cover, Our Lady of the Underground from Hadestown, is currently on SoundCloud waiting for all Hadestown nerds to critique it.

I’m also pleasantly surprised by how well Dear Mr Claus is being received. It’s the only downbeat, depressing-but-hopeful track on the EP. I wrote it using actual letters written to Santa by kids in 2022, from the US through to Ukraine. The single released last week, and it’s currently receiving some airplay on Bendigo community radio stations (and it’s also on Triple J Unearthed). It’s a meaningful track with very simple elements, and I’m glad it’s touching the hearts of many so early in its life.

My goal for 2023 is to focus on music. I do need to upgrade my equipment — the Samson Meteor, while a solid entry point into vocal recording, does not respond well when I go all power-house. It would be put to better use recording my guitar, which, despite having several guitar solos in the EP thanks to modern technology, has not actually been brought out for use. But I have plans.

Shortly after compiling the EP, COVID struck down my throat and vocal cords — alas, no more singing for me til 2023. In the meantime, I’ve been dabbling with some LoFi beats. At some point, I’ll be happy enough with them to release them properly. I’m hoping maybe March. We’ll see.

In the meantime, think of An Isolated Holiday Alone In My Room as a sneak peek into what I’m capable of.

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