22 dead, 15 injured. Mostly children. Adults weigh in.

There are dozens of posts, articles, and videos online. But here are some of the impactful statements made by American adults.

Before we begin, you should note that these are not the voices of the American children. This is an important distinction. The words of these kids have been ignored in favour of the many adults.

After reading and viewing the opinions in this post, I wish for American parents to ask their children what they would vote, in the seemingly unlikely chance a vote arises.

An American man

An American sports official

An American immigrant, now a citizen.

Note: Jim Jefferies obtained his American citizenship in 2018.

In closing: we all acknowledge non-Americans cannot have much of an opinion on this topic. But perhaps we should stop asking the American adults what they want.

Insert thoughts, prayers, and NRA cries for “it’s too soon to decide” here.

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