The Variety Bash: how Car 77 got it’s 3 Amigos paint job

Car 77 is a fun mismatch of identities. It’s a Mitsubishi, with Toyota back flaps and sponsorship, Mazda tires, and a Land Cruiser snorkel. But the interesting story about this car is not necessarily the Toyota employees running the Mitzi, but the strange Amigos pattern across the panels.

Bland white would simply not do for the team, but painting or wrapping it without a sponsorship was going to cost a pretty penny. So with true Bash ingenuity, the boys did some digging.

Photo: Car 77 – 3 Amigo’s

As it turns out, mum’s lace curtains can work as a great stencil.

“The hard part was finding the right pattern,” the Amigos said. “You need to have lace wide enough for paint to get through.”

The team laid out their choice of lace fabric over the panels of their car, repeatedly took their cans of black spray paint, and painted the impressive floral pattern across the car. They left a space above the wheels for a completed, professional look.

“There are some blurry spots, but we think it came out okay,” the team said, patting the bonnet of their car.

Photo: Deanna Troy

Support Variety Bash’s Car 77 – 3 Amigo’s.

About Variety Bash

The Variety Bash is Australia’s longest running and most iconic charity motoring event. Each year, the Variety Bash sees hundreds fundraise and hit the road for kids in need. Known for it’s flare and fanfare, it’s always a sight to behold when the Variety Bash comes to town!

The Variety Bash is typically a 10-12 day event that takes participants across the country in a colourful convoy. The route is always jam-packed with iconic Aussie tourist destinations, offroad adventures and include stops at schools and small towns to show some love along the way.

In addition to the grants presented along the way, the Variety Bash is welcomed by regional communities as the spending on fuel, food and tourism often results in their biggest trading days of the year. Sometimes, our outrageous crew even outnumber the locals for a night!

Variety Bash, The Children’s Charity

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