A modder fixed Ubisoft’s 15-month-old Star Trek: Bridge Crew “white bridge” bug.

The Next Generation DLC pack for Star Trek: Bridge Crew (currently an additional $15AUD pack on top of the $30AUD game) suffers from a bug that appears to break the texture of the iconic USS Enterprise-D bridge, exposing players to a heavenly white glow where there should be dim emergency lighting. Perhaps it’s emulating the flash of a Q, caught in in the middle of an existential crisis?

One might think Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment, the companies behind the game, would have put some kind of attention into correcting the issue outside of forum support. It’s been asked about and reported to them for well over a year now.

Ubisoft claims they’re aware of the issue. Community managers on the Ubisoft forums have supposedly been shooting these issues up the chain for most of 2020.

Just one of many responses to the multiple distress calls.

However, despite months of “investigating” and “troubleshooting”, there’s been no definitive fix by Ubisoft or Red Storm Entertainment. The longer the team waits to officially correct the issue, the more the game feels like a quick cash-grab at the expense of Star Trek fans. Not even those of us with VR headsets: the game is available to play without one.

Tired of waiting, a Nexus Modder took matters into their own hands and corrected the issue themselves.

Has to be fixed by developers,” huh?

While the fix can’t be applied to the PSVR for obvious reasons, PC players can now get their Enterprise-D bridge back to normal by heading over to Nexus Mods right now.

It’s speculated the dimmer set for the Enterprise-D bridge went mysteriously missing during the update for the Oculus Quest cross-play. In fact, the white bridge bug is just one of many, many bugs and glitches potentially attributed to the game’s port to the Quest. Players on the platform have spent the last two weeks reviewing the game claiming an inability to play because their system states it’s been “claimed by another player”.

One comment

  1. Thank you to the modder who took the time to revive Ubisofts project in order to fix this game-breaking bug, as a player of over a year it’s nice to see work finally being put in, even if it’s only by a modder.
    I really hope Ubisoft open their eyes, this game wasn’t advertised properly to non-vr gamers and that’s why it wasn’t as financially successful as they planned.
    There’s lot to be done, including adding the Defiant, Voyager, also an additional list of missions as most of us have played through the current ones hundreds of times.


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