Spontaneous Chocolate Tour: The Chocolate Box

It’s dead, Jim.

Google had not been very forthcoming about whether The Chocolate Box was open, let alone if it still existed. When we rocked up to the centre, we discovered from a storey up that it’s no longer in operation. I’d prepared for this eventuality, but I was still a little disappointed.

We sauntered back to Collins St, returning to Swanston. We chose not to catch a tram (a questionable choice given the summer climate and mask necessity), but the downhill slope was a welcome change.

You may be wondering why I’ve written this post if it’s not about The Chocolate Box.

This thing caught my eye. This single pen, highlighted in a massive, empty space.

This is a store called Montblanc. From what I can determine, they’re (put very simply) fine watch-makers. According to their “philosophy”, they value tradition, storytelling, elegance, and perservation.

The advertising for this fountain pen smacked me across the face as I walked past. Underneath it (though I didn’t capture them) are watch pieces and some leather crafts. But the pen is the thing that’s highlighted.

The nature of its display sparked a baffled conversation between my brother and I. “A pen is only as good as its wielder,” my brother said, “And I definitely don’t have the chops to wield that thing to its full potential.”

Given the messiah-like nature of its advertising, I could only agree.

So anyway, turns out the pen — which I believe is a Meisterst├╝ck Le Petit Prince Classique Fountain Pen — costs $1,125.

A pen may only be as strong as its wielder, but in this case, a pen is only as strong as its wielder’s wallet.

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