Spontaneous Chocolate Tour: Koko Black

I’d never heard of Koko Black before searching “Melbourne Chocolate” on Google. I hadn’t known it existed — despite having apparently walked past its storefronts multiple times during other trips to Melbourne.

Incidentally, Koko Black was my brother and I’s first stop on our chocolate tour simply because we’d stumbled upon it.

My ignorance aside, Koko Black is another young chocolatier in Melbourne. It opened in 2003, inspired by German and Belgium chocolates with a burning desire to present innovation they didn’t feel was expressed in Australia (hint hint nudge nudge, Haigh’s).

We blend ideas & ingredients with mastery, to create unexpected signature chocolate experiences.
Koko Black is a company built out of passion.

This passion for chocolate and the connection it inspires is the very heart of our brand and it leads us as we endeavour to surprise, excite and delight our customers.

Koko Black

Because of its youthful optimism, Koko Black (contrary to its name) has the most eye-wateringly bright packaging I’ve ever seen encasing chocolate. And I went to Lindt during this tour.

We hit up two different Koko Black stores during our time in Melbourne, and both had their own personality. Similar offerings, but more of certain stock. When we walked into the first, my brother was utterly stunned: he wasn’t sure where to start. To be fair, it was the first stop on our itinerary, but the amount of choice offered by Koko Black is astounding. And it is all clearly laid out by their packaging.

I think we spent the most money at Koko Black, partly because we even stopped by their drink stand outside one of their storefronts for a chocolate milkshake. This was the only disappointing part of Koko Black: for a $7 chocolate milkshake, I was expecting a little more.

We completed our haul with three marbles packs (milk chocolate, salted caramel, dreamy chocolate) and a box of six pralines.

Including the choclate milkshakes, this haul totaled $54.40.

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