Lily Rock’n’rolling her way to Finland as Australia’s 2019 air guitar champion

The 2019 Australian Air Guitar Champion proved too tough for judges to call, but Lily RocknRoll came out on top after not one, but two tie breaker rounds against defending champion Jinja Assassin.

It was an impressive performance. Lily RocknRoll pulled out all the stops—a glam costume, some My Little Ponies, and quite the impressive hair made her first round performance stand out. She pranced around The Night Cat’s stage as if she were born on it. But her best performance came from the round two freestyle: gone was the 80s glam inspiration, in was a breathing rock and roll legend.

But the win was not easily earned. Returning to defend his 2018 title, Jinja Assassin had a masterpiece performance prepared. Opening his round one piece in a bow tie and robotic accent, Jinja Assassin put on arguably the competitions best performance yet. Robotic air guitar playing: the crowd ate it all up and couldn’t get enough. The judges gave it perfect scores. As he went into the next round, Jinja Assassin returned to his familiar denim getup—and though his follow up performance was excellent, he fell just short of claiming the title for himself once more and tied with Lily.

The first tie breaker round? Tied scores. Again.

The second tie breaker round had both competitors on stage, playing to a piece they had not heard at all in an unprecedented breaker round. Playing on the stage was no longer enough for them, and they’d jumped into the audience with their air guitars in hand. It was still too close for judges to call: the crowd had to choose for them.

Our MC was drowned out by the noise. Leading by decibels, Lily RocknRoll reigned victorious.

Lily Rocknroll & Jinja Assassin – 2019 and 2018 champions.

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