Unnecessary observations about Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

This is just a list of things that didn’t make it into my review of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV because they were either not important to the actual review or didn’t fit with the discussions within it. They’re all dotpoints . . . because I tend to write these things in dotpoints.

  • Not sure how healing works in this particular iteration of FFXV, but I’d like to know if the Kingsglaive have ever had to throw a Phoenix Down at someone.
  • I tried googling “Olseaurare Tablets” (the pills Libertus keeps popping throughout the movie) and came up with squat. Just to be sure, I even went to google translate to check if they had some kind of meaning. They don’t. I’m not sure what I expected from a Final Fantasy movie, but I think I was looking for some explanation why the film thought Libertus’s consistant use of pills was an important point to take note of, only for it to not be of any kind of consequence later.
    • I am open to the idea that the pills affect his cognitive abilities, but aside from his emotional responses (to the peace treaty and to Crowe’s death) there seems to be little evidence of this, and he rejoins Team Nyx after shit goes down – and still pops pills.
  • The English voice cast of the Lucian council while a debate is being had about agreeing to Ardyn’s terms of surrender show just how poorly the supporting cast was chosen. It’s as if they blew the budget on getting Paul, Headey, and Bean, that they were only able to get a handful of well known voice actors (such as Trevor Devall and Todd Haberkorn) and then had to spend the rest of what little coin they had left hiring the local community theatre actors for one or two lines. That Sean Bean was in this scene honestly makes a viewer chuckle as they witness just how hard it is for one well-casted person to hold up a two minute scenario filled with other poorer quality actors. I hope they weren’t in the same room with one another when they were recording.
  • Note that Titus Drautos says the car he drove with Nyx to pick up Lunafreya is actually Noctis’s car. Which, for players, is a little surprising given how little faith Ignis has in his driving.
    • It’s equally possible that Ignis did all Noctis’s driving for him in within Lucis.
  • Noctis and Drautos share a ringtone. Or maybe that’s just the Lucian default.
  • Imma be honest – the party sequence with the fireworks and Nyx and Luna interacting for the second time is not where I expected to hear the menu theme for FFXV. Part of me is glad it made it in, the other part of me is conflicted as to whether it actually suits the scene.
  • Why does a resistance to King Regis’s peace treaty hold their meetings in an abandoned arcade? If they didn’t seem legitimate before, they 100% don’t now.
  • There’s a tattoo that circles just about Nyx’s right ankle. Not sure whether this is implying he lost a foot at some stage, but it’s not an interesting tattoo in the slightest and he doesn’t walk as if he’s using a prosthetic.
    • Though this may be the underlying cause as to why he’s so freaking adept at warping – maybe running around like his fellow glaives simply isn’t in his best interests.
      • See, Square Enix, this could have made Nyx slightly more interesting!
  • Why do the gate guards attempt to stop Nyx as he enters the crown grounds, yet decide not to run after him and tackle him when he manages to push past them?
    • In fact, why do they attempt to stop him at all? He’s wearing his Kingsglaive uniform – the Kingsglaive haven’t yet been disbanded. By rights he should be allowed through without complication.
  • Once again, Sean Bean was killed in a film. Too bad he didn’t voice Regis in the game. Maybe being killed twice as the same character was too much.
  • How did Ravus manage to get the ring off, yet Lazarus was burned to a crisp by the time Luna managed to snag it off his hand?
    • I haven’t had the chance to play Episode Ignis, but I wager that Ignis was about as worthy as Nyx was when wielding the power of the Lucii, too. I’m not convinced there are set rules as to how the consequences of the ring are meant to occur.
  • A 48 hour rent period is definitely not enough time, Playstation. Maybe extend that to 72 hours.

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